All of Us Research Program Website and App Privacy Policy


The All of Us website and app are tools of the All of Us Research Program. They are not for medical care, advice, or treatment. Do not use the All of Us website or app in place of seeing a healthcare provider.



Privacy Policy

The All of Us website and app are tools of the All of Us Research Program. All of Us ("we" or "us") is a research program funded by the U.S. government.


This Privacy Policy says what information we will collect through the All of Us website and app. It also says what we will do with this data.


By visiting the All of Us website or using the All of Us app, you agree to this Privacy Policy.


Data We Collect

When you visit the All of Us website, we collect information about the way you use the website. Here is a list of the information we collect:

We use tags, beacons, and cookies to keep an eye on All of Us website traffic. They tell us things like how people get to our website and if they have visited before.

We also ask web service providers to tell us about All of Us website traffic. Web service providers, like the company Unbounce, are the companies that host websites as well as the Google Analytics platform.


If you want to join All of Us, we will ask you to create an account. When you create an account, we will collect a username, a password, and your email address. We ask your date of birth to make sure you are at least 18 years old. At this time, All of Us is for people age 18 or older (19 in Alabama and 21 in Puerto Rico). Additional information about you may be collected in support of the research, including your gender, race, and ethnicity.


The  All of Us Research Program may ask you to share your health data from wearable devices such as Fitbit, mobile applications, or data collected on your personal device, such as Apple HealthKit. In addition, we may ask you to share your EHR data from your health provider. The  All of Us  Research Program will store and use this data in support of health research. After sharing you may elect to stop sharing this data if you so choose.


It is important to note that we also collect study data for the All of Us Research Program using the All of Us app and website. For example, if you join, we may ask you to complete a health survey. If you are interested, you would do so on the app or website. If you take part in a sensor module, the data for that module may be collected through the app or website. We will tell you any time we are collecting study data through the app or website. You will have the choice to participate or not.


How We Use Data

We will use the data we collect through the All of Us website and app:


If you give us your contact information, we may use it to get in touch with you. Some examples of why we might contact you are to give you technical support or to tell you what's new with All of Us. We will NOT sell your data or contact information.



How we protect your privacy

Your privacy is important to us. Here are some of the steps we will take to protect your privacy.


When and Why We Disclose Data

We will disclose (give out) data that we collect through the All of Us website and app only for the reasons we list here. Other than these reasons, we will not sell, rent, lease, give, or share your data without your permission.


Reasons we disclose data:

1.     For research. The purpose of All of Us is to help researchers make discoveries. Study data we collect through the app and website will be stored in the All of Us research database. Researchers will use this database for their studies. You can learn more about the use of your study data in the consent forms, the FAQs on our website, and the All of Us Privacy and Security webpage.

2.     To service providers. If we work with a service provider, we will give them any data they need to do the job we have asked them to do. A service provider is someone who is helping us with a part of All of Us. The service provider will have to sign a contract promising to use the data only for the job they are doing for us. Also, they will promise to keep the data safe and do not re-share outside their organization.

3.     For legal reasons. We may give out data if we are required to by law. Otherwise, we will not give out data in any civil, criminal, administrative, legislative, or other proceedings.

In cases where the law says we are required to give out data, we will try to give out as little data as possible. We will try to protect your privacy as much as we can. Whenever possible, we will tell you if we have to give out data.


Do Not Track

If you do not want us to track your use of the All of Us Research Program website, you can use ad blockers or Do Not Track preferences in your browser. If you do not want us to track your use of the All of Us app, do not download it.


Data Security

The All of Us Research Program implements policies, standards, and procedures which are consistent with government-wide laws and regulations, to assure an adequate level of protection for IT systems whether maintained in-house or commercially.


How long will we keep your data?

We may keep a backup of all the data we collect from you. We need to keep backups and archives for disaster recovery purposes. However, these backups are synchronized with information in real-time, so they are updated every time there is an addition or deletion of your information.

Your Rights and Choices

You have rights and choices about your data. For example, if there is an error in the data we collect from you, you have the right to ask us to fix it. You can call us at 1-844-842-2855 or email us at

You can stop using the website or app or delete the app at any time. This is not the same as withdrawing from the All of Us Research Program. If you want to withdraw, you can call us at 1-844-842-2855 or email us at


We may keep a copy of all the data we collect from you. This is because we have a responsibility to keep backups and archives.

If you have questions about your rights and choices or would like more information about your rights and choices, call us at 1-844-842-2855 or email us at

Cross-Border Transfer of Your Data

You can visit the website, use app, and take part in All of Us when you are not in the United States. If you do so, we may transfer your data to the United States.

If you visit the website, use the app, or take part in All of Us, you consent to the transfer of your data.


We may transfer your data to countries where you do not live. These countries may have different laws about protecting data than the country where you live. If we transfer your data, we will follow the all the laws about transferring data for any country where the data will go.This means that privacy protections are different than in US.

Updates to this Privacy Policy

We may update this Privacy Policy. We will post updates on this website. If we make big changes, we will try to tell you directly. For example, we may send you an email or put a pop-up message on the website or app. If you visit the website, use app, or take part in All of Us, it means you agree to the updated Privacy Policy.



If you have any questions, comments or requests, please contact us at or by calling 1-844-842-2855.


Here is a list of the versions of this Privacy Policy

Version 1 (14 March 2017)

Version 2 (30 April 2017)

Version 3 (23 May 2017)

Version 4 (26 February 2018)

Version 5 (8 February 2019)

Version 6 (21 June 2021)